Pool Center Teams

The platform allows the championships to be managed in a simple, intuitive and dynamic way, by the participants themselves, under the supervision of the regulatory authority. In addition to essential information, relevant information for the practice of the modality is also available, such as individual and collective statistical analysis. It is easily adaptable to the needs and match rules of each Entity and the respective leagues.

Pool Center Torneios

Tournament management with Live Score and Live Stream.

Torneio do Guadiana Pool League

8 Ball Pool League held in Portugal.

Liga ANP

League of Associação Nacional de Pool in Portugal.

Liga A.B. Minho

League of Associação de Bilhar do Minho.

Liga A.B. Vimaranense

League of Associação de Bilhar Vimaranense.

Liga Pool Center Demo

League for platform demo.

Your Entity

Your league with your championships.